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A Team Approach


Every patient diagnosed with cancer or a serious hematologic disorder has a medical team that works in a concerted effort to meet all of your varied medical needs. At the time of your diagnosis, your case was discussed in a special conference known as a ‘Tumor Board’. Tumor Boards meet frequently to discuss new cases. They are comprised of physicians and others whose expertise can be valuable in determining the best course of action. The input of many experts is taken into account when reviewing each case. Once there is a general agreement as to the best course of action, the plan is carried out by various medical members of the team (see the section "A Global Standard").

Typically, the physician members of the team for cancer patients include:

·         Medical Oncologist

·         Radiation Oncologist

·         Radiologist

·         Surgeon

·         Pathologist

·         Primary Care Physician

·         Non-Physician Providers in the various physicians’ offices

Local Tumor Boards

UHO providers participate in Tumor Boards at the following local hospitals:

·       Ogden Regional Hospital

·       Davis Hospital

·       McKay-Dee Hospital

·       Lakeview Hospital

Other Team Members

Other members of your team include:

  • You!!
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Nurses
  • Medical Assistants
  • Pharmacy Technicians
  • Billing Staff
  • Front Desk/Scheduling Staff

Each member of your team has a specific role in supporting you during a particularly challenging time. Each has received extensive training and is a true expert. All of our collective knowledge and experience is brought to bear to help every patient during their time of need. 

Should you have any concerns about how a particular member of the team is performing, please ask to speak to the Supervisor or Administrator.