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Diagnosis of cancer and blood disorders is usually done by one or more medical specialists working together using techniques such as needle biopsies, mammograms, CT scans, colonoscopies, surgical biopsies, and extensive blood testing. These procedures are generally done by physicians other than hematologists/ medical oncologists. That is why a physician referral is required to make an appointment with one of our providers. Sometimes a referring provider may not be able to make a definitive diagnosis and our providers may need to order additional tests or procedures such as additional scans, bone marrow biopsies, or lab tests to determine exactly what your condition is. 

Once a clear diagnosis has been made, your provider will determine the best course of therapy based on nationally-recognized guidelines for your condition. Sometimes treatment involves more than medication. Surgery and /or radiation therapy may be required as part of the treatment process. These may proceed or follow chemotherapy or be done at the same time, depending on the type of cancer you have and its stage. Your provider will work closely with other specialists to determine the best course of treatment for your condition. You will be a part of the entire process and always have the option to seek a second opinion. 

Treatment provided by our physicians will usually involves the use of several different drugs: some to treat your condition, and others to help with the side-effects of those drugs. Some of these side-effects can be difficult to manage, but we will make every effort to make you as comfortable as possible, both during and after your treatments. Cancer treatments generally compromise patients’ immune systems. Based on your needs, you may need to come to the office on days when you are not being treated to receive injections to help your body recover.

Our in-house specialty pharmacy provides oral chemotherapy, hormone therapy and support drugs to our patients. We are contracted with many payers and can assist with co-pay and grant support for these services, if necessary. Due to licensing restrictions, our services are limited to patients only, so we cannot provide medications to family members.

 We provide a full range of outpatient services to treat most blood disorders and cancers:

·       I.V. Chemotherapy

·       In-house Specialty Pharmacy (UHO patients only, limited payers)

·       Side-effect management

·       Laboratory services

·       Therapeutic Phlebotomy (services limited to UHO patients only)

·       Bone marrow biopsies and aspirates

·       Non cancer-related drug infusions (services limited to pharma-contracted patients only)